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Which tea making tool do you need?

We have the tea leaves, the kettle, the good water. And now? We will need a few more tools to make tea. In this guide, we'll go over the basics to get you started making tea. The essential items, optional extras, material selection and our recommendations follow.

oolong tea - rock teas on Wuyi Mountain

Oolong tea (wulong tea)

The history of oolong tea or wulong tea, its types and why we love it so much Basics With their approximately 300-year history, oolong tea or oolong teas belong to the partially oxidized teas. The widest range of tea types, some types are related to green tea and others to red tea they are closer to (black) tea. It depends on how much they leave the […]

Green tea - Long Jing Dragon Fountain

Green tea

How it is made? To make green tea, fresh buds and young leaves are picked in early spring, which were barely oxidized during processing (0-5%) and kept their green color. You can find our range of green tea here. An important criterion for bright green teas, in the case of Chinese teas, is a very slightly yellowish-green color, which also indicates their freshness. If your tea has a brownish tint, it is probably old or not properly […]

About tea - What is tea?

About tea - What is tea? Do you often ask the question, what is tea? When we talk about "tea", we always think of the processed leaves of the "Camellia sinensis" plant. In the English language, there is a separate word "herbal tea" - "herbal tea" or "herbal infusion" - "herbal infusion", or the possibly still used word "tisane", which mean any herbal decoction that [...]

The difference between fiber tea and filter tea

The difference between loose tea and filter tea Loose tea - whole tea leaves Leaves and buds picked with great care, typically by hand (possibly by machine) from the noblest part of the plant. Good quality, delicious taste and favorable physiological effects. The leaves are not damaged during careful handling. Tea filter - debris Machine-harvested, unsorted and thus damaged leaves of lower quality, [...]

Types of tea

Tea varieties and tea types White tea - 白茶 Bai cha Among the tea varieties - tea types, white tea is the least processed. White tea, known for its mild taste, aroma and refreshing properties, is a specialty of the Fujian province. Its three main production areas are Fuding, Zhenghe and Jianyang. Today's trend is that in Yunnan in southern China and in several other [...]

How do I make the tea?

How do I make the tea? In order to be able to properly evaluate tea, I need to know the main characteristics of the given type of tea and the proper way of preparation. 
Of course, a tea can be prepared in many ways, and the result is not good or bad, but different. We are different and our tastes are different, so I encourage everyone to experiment and find the most suitable tea and tea-making method for them!

Puer tea, puerh or pu-erh

Puer tea in brief Puer tea is a member of the category of post-ripened teas, which is made in the southern part of the Yunnan province of China, near the Mekong River, the borders of Laos, Vietnam and Burma. According to the stories, it got its name from the city of Puerh, which is It was the main station and center of the horse trade route. (You can see many ways of writing the name of the tea: pu [...]

Black tea or "red" tea?

We don't want to confuse anyone: what we know as black tea at home is called red tea in China! They also have their black tea, but it's a different type of matured tea. In Chinese, "hong cha" literally means red tea, and tea leaves that have undergone the complete oxidation process (black color) are called that. The color of the finished drink is reddish, so [...]

Sencha tea

Sencha tea My personal sencha tea experience - introduction I will never forget my first sip of Japanese sencha tea: the fresh, green taste almost exploded in my mouth, which I couldn't compare to anything before. It was sweet, tart and very fresh! My mouth stretched into a wide smile! I remember it was summer - but definitely a warmer period - because usually at this time [...]

Bai Hao Yin Zhen - Silver needle bud white tea

What is white tea?

Learn about white tea, its varieties, place of origin, how to prepare it properly, and discover what they taste like and what their effects are. White tea got its name from the silvery white fluff that thickly covers the buds, and this type of tea also has the clearest brew. Among the 6 types of tea, this tea is processed the least. After picking, the raw material [...]

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