Glass teapot with filter 400ml

12900 Ft

400mltea pot made of tempered glass, which is an ideal choice for all types of tea. For 1-2 people.
It can also be used practically for herbal concoctions, herbal concoctions, or Asian teas.
The easy-to-clean and removable glass filter also serves a good purpose, which can be practically placed on top of the can and thus stored until the next pour.

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Glass teapot with filter 400ml 12900 Ft

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Glass teapot with filter 400 ml

Tempered glass teapot with filter, usable capacity 400 ml. Any kind of Asian tea can be prepared in it, according to the Western tea-making method. It is also suitable for herbal decoctions and herbal decoctions. Made of strong glass that can be washed in a dishwasher. Suitable for tea for 1-2 people.

I often use it when I want to quickly prepare a slightly larger amount of tea. It is also suitable for preparing Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese teas, if we do not have the time or attention to choose the traditional preparation method.
I also often use it while sitting next to the computer, in which case I usually choose Taiwanese or Wuyi oolong.
I put 5 g of tea leaves in the filter, then pour it over with 95 degree water. I let it soak for 4-5 minutes, then I take out the filter, which I can practically place on the top of the can, so I don't drip on the table. I need one more cup and I can have tea.

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