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The difference between fiber tea and filter tea

The difference between fiber tea and filter tea

Fiber tea - whole tea leaves

Leaves and buds picked with great care, typically by hand (possibly by machine), from the noblest part of the plant. Good quality, delicious taste and favorable physiological effects. The leaves are not damaged during careful handling.

Tea filter - debris

It may also contain lower-quality leaves, branches, and swept up tea powder harvested by machine without sorting and thus damaged. Poor quality, bad taste without added flavoring.

A masterful work

The careful work of tea-making masters. Their knowledge is based on the experience of previous generations and their own, many years of practice.

Industrial product

Large-scale processing, industrial product treated as a mass consumption item.

Complex fragrances

It is surprisingly versatile and exciting - just like with wines. Growing areas, varieties and vintages result in different scents.

A simple scent

There is nothing "to decipher" in it. Simple and monotonous.

Complex flavors

A quality tea can be, for example: malty, honeyed, floral, buttery-creamy, cocoa, spicy, caramel, nutty, peachy, fresh-grassy, ​​characterful, soft, intense...etc.

Simple flavors

Bitter, dry, tannic taste (which is why it is usually flavored with sugar, lemon and milk).

A changing, developing taste

A constantly changing, opening and developing flavor as we progress with the pours. It is worth watching the change.

Boring, fast-fading taste

Filtered teas typically release all flavors at the same time and also the more bitter tannins.

More brews (so overall more economical)

Quality teas can be poured several times, enjoying the changing flavors and aromas for a long time.

A potion

Filtered tea is designed to be poured once. 1 filter = 1 cup.

It's a nice sight

It is a special experience to observe the leaves while they are being made. In the meantime, we may remember how long the tea leaf has traveled from the mountain plantation to our cup.

An ugly sight

The sight of a used filter destroys the enjoyment of beauty and takes away from the soothing experience of drinking tea.

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