Japanese clay pot from Tokonamé 230ml

37300 Ft

Jug from the Tokoname region, 230 ml, hand-made, disc and engraved, decorated, wonderful piece.

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Japanese Tokoname Kanna
Japanese clay pot from Tokonamé 230ml 37300 Ft

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Japanese clay pot from Tokonamé 230ml

Tokoname pot for all types of tea

Handcrafted product from the Tokoname region, Japan, 230 ml capacity. Ushirode kyusu are the kyusu that have a "back" handle, and Yokode kyusu with side handles are called.

In Japan, this is not the most common form, but it conquers Taiwan and China in the various Yixing jugs and the famous jugs of the Jingge region. In Japan, the type of kanna with side handles has become widespread, the large filter of which enables really fast and efficient filtering of rather small, delicate green teas. However, foreign oolongs are consumed in Japan as well as we are, and the appropriate cans are suitable for them.

Here is a traditional hand-rolled jug shape from the Tokoname region, with a not-quite-traditional design.
Ideal for any type of tea, really.
Still, I'd say it pairs perfectly with roasted or green oolongs, white teas, or reds.

Rinse with warm water before first use and every time you make tea to preheat the kettle. Unglazed clay ceramic pots that preserve the properties of the type of tea made in them. It is therefore worth using an unglazed clay ceramic pot for the same type of tea. For example, for green teas, oolong teas, roasted or more oxidized teas.

The fine filter of the jug, which is also made of clay, consists of very small holes. If a small tea leaf gets stuck during cleaning, it is worth letting the water jet into the spout of the jug, this typically solves this issue.

Clean the teapot every time you drink tea, do not leave your tea in it for too long. Do not put or use detergent in a dishwasher or any drying machine to clean them.
If it really bothers you that after a while the tea discolors the outside of the pot, you should wipe the outside of the pot with a solution of baking soda dissolved in water, but don't poke the inside.

Volume: 230 ml, which is ideal for tea parties for 1-3 people.

If, for example, it is difficult to use a gaiwan and you typically drink one type of tea, any of our Tokoname Japanese teapots can be an ideal choice.

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Place of origin

Tokoname - Aichi Prefecture - Japan