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Teavolution Story

We personally backpacked through China, Japan and Taiwan to get to know farmers and tea varieties. For this reason, we turned our backs on our previous life as an employee, which only seemed to provide security, and used our reserves to go for it. (but really 🙂 )

Tea trips

Our journey began in 2014

We personally traveled through China, Japan and Taiwan with backpacks to get to know farmers and tea varieties in the cradle of Asian tea culture, and learn the tricks of growing and making tea. For this reason, we turned our backs on our previous life as an employee, which only seemed to provide security, and used our reserves to go for it. (but really 🙂 )

We bring you our teas directly from the tea farmers

Tradition and tradition

The cultivation and consumption of the tea plant is a thousand-year-old tradition that continues to change to this day.

In order to always be able to show you something valuable, we are constantly learning, listening, tasting and traveling. If we find something really special and coordinate with the tea maker, you will surely find it here in our tea room or on the webshop.

Be present in the moment as a silent observer

Tea as we see it

We experience that with the help of tea we can live a healthier and fuller life in body and soul. By paying attention, we can find peace while preparing and drinking tea. Let's pay attention to our bodily sensations, which are affected by the tea. We can learn to be present in the moment as a quiet observer. At other times, during more difficult times, it might be useful to remember this.

The thousands of years of cult surrounding tea drinking rightfully prove that tea is more than a healthy drink.

Authentic tea consumption creates an intimate relationship and a common language between people. We can even use it for this! However, we caution anyone to think of drinking tea as the Holy Grail, the solution to all problems, troubles and unhappiness. That is why we need to do much more. However, during everyday struggles, a cup of warm and fragrant tea from a good place can be very helpful.

We'll help you navigate

Get to know Asian tea culture at home

What does the term 'gaiwan', 'oolong' or 'puer' tell us? A lot of things for us. Allow us to tell you too!

Each of our teas has a special story, which is linked to the experiences we have gathered during our travels. Through them, we learned to understand and really enjoy the endless possibilities inherent in Asian tea varieties.

By creating a calm and open environment, we would like to share with you the experiences that led us to leave our previous lives behind and devote our attention one hundred percent to tea.

We want you to have tea with us, enriched with experiences, relaxed in body, and more alert in mind! It will be a special gift for us if, after this meeting, you will be more open to the culture of tea consumption... After all, there is life beyond the filter!

Dóri and Balázs

"Our teas come directly from tea farmers we know personally."

Mrs. Zhou

China, Mount Wuyi
We first met "Cindy" in 2014, and since then we have visited her 3 times to learn about Wuyi rock oolongs and red teas. We have a very good relationship, the atmosphere is always family-like.


Taiwan, Meishan
It is interesting that we met MinHan and his wife in Shanghai at a Tea Expo. There we decided to fly over to Taiwan the next day to see their tea gardens and learn about Taiwanese teas.

Masahiro Yoshida

Uji - Japan
We have also been to Masahiro's 2 times, our Matcha teas and several green teas arrive from him. He showed us the ancient tea gardens, which are under the care of his family, as well as their own tea gardens and, since we arrived during the harvest season, the processing steps.

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Rare teas and specialties

Directly from small producers in China, Japan and Taiwan that we know personally.

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