Black - red small kyusu Japanese teapot

24380 Ft

180 ml jug, more information can be found below.
An elegant and clean device, we recommend it primarily for Japanese teas, but you can also safely make Chinese teas in it.

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Black - red small kyusu Japanese teapot 24380 Ft

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Black - red small kyusu Japanese teapot

Handmade black-red Japanese kyusu pot, which is excellent for preparing Japanese green teas. It has a capacity of 180 ml. The Tokoname area is a famous ceramics center in Japan. This size pot is useful for teas for 1-2 people, for premium senchas and gyokuro.
You can also use it for Taiwanese oolong, there is room for the leaves to open in this beautiful device.

It has a clay filter.

Volume: 180 ml.

You can find our article about Sencha tea here.

A similarly pretty kyusu kanna in red here.

Practical advice:

Rinse with hot, clean water before use. Do not use any detergent to clean it. Tokoname teapots will become shiny with use as you drink more and more tea with them. It is worth wiping dry after rinsing so that water droplets do not appear on the outer surface.

Never leave the tea in the pot. After drinking tea, always clean it and let the inside dry without putting the lid on it.

The unglazed ceramic tools can be used exclusively for one type of tea. We recommend this pot primarily for Japanese green teas, but I have a kyusu pot like this for Taiwanese oolongs.

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Place of origin

Tokoname - Aichi Prefecture - Japan