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Frequently asked questions

Questions about delivery and ordering

The lead time for placing orders is usually 2 days. Balázs and I both work in the store, so we try to prepare the orders nicely and carefully, which is why we need a little time. 🙂
We try to send the packages to you as quickly as possible using GLS or DPD.

The parcels are delivered to your home by GLS or DPD, if you ordered cash on delivery, you can pay the couriers with a bank card or in cash. In all cases, GLS or DPD sends a message about the courier's expected arrival, which you can change if the time or location is not suitable.

Yes of course! In fact! 🙂

We look forward to seeing you and we also recommend that you visit us. Here you can view the entire range, ask us questions and get a cup of tea from us. 🙂

Yes of course. Through Barion's online interface, with whom you can make payments quickly and securely.

Not at all.
You can come and shop at Nagyszombat Street during opening hours, you do not need to place an order on the webshop.

It's worth coming to us, because not everything is on the website, you can find everything in the store. Especially the rarities, of which we have 1-1 pieces at our disposal, or which I haven't had time to upload yet. 🙂

I try to upload everything, I create the website (Dóri).

Questions about fiber teas

Yes. Under the Teas menu item, you can find the Herba "tea" category, where you can find concoctions made from the leaves of various herbs, flowers, and other plants. These are pleasure "teas", not to be consumed as a cure, you can drink any amount of them at any time.

Camellia Sinensis tea leaves contain caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine in Oolong tea is very low, as well as in older teas, white teas or fermented shu puer.

You can safely store them in the bag you received from us. It is very important to store them in a dry, cool and dark place and not next to spices.
It is practical to designate a smaller cardboard storage box for storing teas and you can store and organize our bags in it.

As a general rule, green tea is like rosé wine, it must be consumed within a year.
This is not necessarily true for other teas, in fact some types become even tastier and more complex as time progresses. Year after year, we bring you teas from the freshest vintages, so if you shop at a tea shop where the teas come directly from the producer, you probably don't have to worry about getting the wrong tea.

Here you will find fiber teas from small producers, we do not have filter "tea".

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Write to us!

GLS home delivery

Fast and accurate home delivery with GLS

Rare teas and specialties

Directly from small producers in China, Japan and Taiwan that we know personally.

Do you have a question?

Find us in person at the tea shop or online!

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You can also pay for your purchase with a bank card online or in person at the tea shop.