Fa Zhan He - stringy sheng puer - Jingmai 2021

2200 Ft - 8600 Ft

2021 spring harvest, from Fa Zhan He area, which is very close to Jingmai Mountain. This area can be seen from the terrace of our tea producer. An extremely floral, easy-to-drink, silky sheng puer tea that we strongly recommend to beginners and advanced users who want a lighter tea.

Fa Zhan He sheng puer, from Mount Jingmai
Fa Zhan He - stringy sheng puer - Jingmai 2021 2200 Ft - 8600 Ft

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From the village of Jingmai, we can see a large mountain range, with two separate peaks in the background, which we watched while drinking tea on the terrace of our tea producer.
It occurred to them several times that they should explore this relatively close and less known region.

A quick search on Google Earth shows a plateau with a town called Fa Zhan He, and a close-up of the surrounding mountains reveals a series of parallel curves.

In the spring of 2019, when William was busy with the harvest work, his friend Yu Jian Hui scouted the area. Following small, difficult paths, he finally arrived at the site, where he found an abandoned tea garden. In Puer County, there are similar gardens owned by "fleeting" enterprises, which went bankrupt despite state subsidies. And the tea garden remained there alone.

Yu Jian Hui brought back samples and the quality was surprisingly high for an area with almost no reputation. He also started development, built the processing plant. In March-April 2021, he made 60 kg of tea from the tea bushes that came from here, the quality of which William considered very good, and he bought all the tea from an area close to his village - thus to his heart. A different character, yet familiar.

The tea leaves are smaller in size. It comes from a variety propagated from seeds, which is different from the ones propagated from shoots that are common in Jingmai. Tea has an interesting personality. It's a softer, lighter-lined sheng, but it really captures the attention of the tea-drinker and makes him want to keep drinking another cup of it - this is our experience. It is also fragrant, as we are used to from teas from the Jingmai area.

We recommend it to those familiar with sheng puer and those looking for an easy-to-sip sheng. A sufficiently thick tea can be made from it, with a substantial mouthfeel, pleasant aroma and almost negligible bitterness and astringency.

Making Fa Zhan He sheng puer

Use 5-7 g of tea leaves for a 130-150 ml device. We think it's ideal in gaiwan can be prepared, it can be well regulated and the change can also be easily followed. The water temperature does not have to be high. You can try it at 85-90 degrees, or even at a temperature close to 100 degrees. The steeping time should be 10-15 seconds, after a quick wake-up call it can be drunk for a long time.
You can even make it in a glass tea maker, this is also a practical and good solution. Kinto compact tea makerű

Fa Zhan He sheng puer, from Mount Jingmai
Fa Zhan He - Jingmai Mountain, Yunna, China

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