Jingmai shu puer 2015

3450 Ft - 13750 Ft

Shu puer tea from Jingmai Mountain. From the year 20125
Jingmai shu puer 2015 3450 Ft - 13750 Ft

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2015 shu puer tea from Jingmai Mountain. It has a really earthy, musty taste, and also shows a soft silkiness and an oily texture. Spicy notes, with a light camphor aroma. A tea with a complex aroma that can be poured dozens of times.

We recommend it to those who like slightly smoky, woody, bitter chocolate puers.

For its preparation, use water with a low mineral content, with a total mineral content of less than 200 mg/l. Good-tasting spring water is ideal, or tap water filtered with a magnesium filter insert can also be used if there is no other solution.

After waking up, you can steep the tea for a long time with 100-degree water, and by increasing the steeping time, you can use this tea nicely.

we recommend a clay pot for its preparation.

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