Oolong tea

Oolong (wu-long) is a partially oxidized type of tea that sits somewhere on the spectrum between green and red (black) teas. Some are closer to green, others to black. It is made from more developed tea leaves, which is why their caffeine content is generally lower, especially the more roasted versions.
For this reason, it can be consumed almost all day, and we even recommend it for the evening hours.

Oolong teas become more difficult to become bitter at a higher temperature and during a longer steeping time, so tea beginners should feel free to try them - due to their sweet base taste, we especially recommend the Taiwanese types for them.
We recommend preparing them between 80 and 95 degrees and definitely use water with a lower mineral content (below 400mg/l. total dissolved).
They can be made into tea with a longer or shorter steeping time, this of course depends on the leaf/water ratio and personal preferences.

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