Japanese teas

We have a personal connection to Japan and Japanese teas (we'll be happy to tell you about it in our shop...)
We also try to visit our tea friends and partners every year. We do a lot of tasting and experiencing to get a feel for the changes and to find new teas for the year.

Typically, we have teas from the Uji, Kagoshima and Shizuoka areas, often from organic cultivation.

Japanese green tea is very delicate and fresh, so we ask that it be unpacked in Japan before dispatch, in aroma-locked, vacuum-sealed, tamper-evident bags. This way we can ensure you the quality and freshness you would find in Japan.
In our tea shop, our matcha teas and Japanese fibre teas are always kept refrigerated!

We like to work with families with tradition and heritage, where the older generation is often joined by the younger generation to give a fresh impetus.

Find your favourite Japanese tea here and - if you can - come to our tea shop where you can even taste it before you buy!

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1–18 termék, összesen 28 db

1–18 termék, összesen 28 db