Japanese incense burners

Shoyeido traditional Japanese incense burners

According to historical writings, incense burners arrived in Japan more than 1400 years ago, along with Buddhism, via China and Korea.
Incense burners were mainly used for religious and other ceremonies, prayers, meditations and were also part of the daily routine of samurai warriors.
Natural scents helped to calm the mind, which was essential for both samurai and monks.
During the Edo period (1603-1867) incense burners became much more widely popular and became part of Japanese culture.

Our smokers come directly from Kyoto, from the "Shoyeido" - a traditional incense making manufactory - and they have already charmed us with their tradition, kindness and professionalism.

Come to our teashop where we will be happy to show you - you can "smell" them!

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