Bai Mu Dan “Special” 2020 cake 白牡丹


Bai Mu Dan “Special” 2020 cake 白牡丹

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This white tea smells like a summer meadow, and tastes like summer apples and peaches. A truly uplifting tea.

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Bai Mu Dan “Special” 2020 – White peony  白牡丹

Bai Mu Dan (白牡丹) means white peony. This tea was harvested on 10 April, 2020. Invigorating white tea with lots of hairy buds.

Its dry leaves smell like peach. Tastes sweet, floral, like acacia and lilac. It makes a long and savory tea session, it is worth the time to taste.

Floral and fruity white tea, with the aroma of summer apples. Place of origin: East Fujian, Zhen He 政和县, Fo zhi mountain 佛子山, China.

How to prepare Bai Mu Dan “Special” 2020?

Put 5 g tea leaves into a 180-200 ml glass teapot or white porcelain teaware and rinse the tea quickly.

Use 90 °C water and 30 sec infusions for tasting.

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Additional information

Weight N/A

30 gr, 50 gr

Terroir - Origin

Zhenghe – Fujian – China

Qunatity: 5-6 g tea leaves, 140ml water
Water temperature: 85-90ºC. Use spring water or water with low mineral content.
Infusion time: 5-10… seconds as a quick rinse. Then one 50-60 sec infusions, the continue with 20-30 sec infusions.

This post is also available in: Magyar

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