Matcha bamboo whisk – chasen


Matcha bamboo whisk – chasen

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Bamboo matcha whisk (chasen) with 100 prongs. For a perfectly foamy and even matcha tea.

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Matcha bamboo whisk – chasen with 100 prongs

This chasen is formed by hand from a single thread of bamboo. A traditional Japanese tea preparation tool for frothing shaded and ground powder tea, matcha.

It’s color, shape and form matches Japanese rules and perfectly supports tea ceremony. Consists of 100 prongs. Suitable for the preparation of usucha (thin tea) and koicha (thick tea) as well.

You can buy this as part of a matcha set too.

How to use your chasen

  1. Soak your chasen in water for a short time before using it for matcha preparation. Soaking makes prongs flexible so that they won’t break during mixing.
  2. Sift your matcha into the chawan (matcha bowl).
  3. Pour water on it.
  4. Draw “w” shapes with your chasen into the water while moving it up and down. Don’t press it tightly against the bottom of the bowl because it will break the prongs.

Use your chasen firmly but delicately.

Watch this video on how to prepare your matcha with the chasen:

How to clean your chasen

  1. After using your chasen rinse it under running water. Use your fingers to remove small matcha still attached to the strings.
  2. Let it dry on a matcha whisk stand and keep it there until next time. This way the strings of your bamboo whisk will stay beautifully shaped.

Made of bamboo, size: 6 * 11 cm.

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