Chashaku – Matcha scoop

chashaku matcha scoop

Chashaku – Matcha scoop

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Chasaku – a tea scoop for matcha

This slim bamboo tool is a traditional Japanese teaware for scooping out the shaded and powdered green tea, matcha. Great for measuring your matcha dose.

You can buy this as part of a matcha set too.

How to clean your chasaku?

Wipe chasaku with a dry, soft and clean towel after use.

Do not use any detergent!

How to use your chasaku?

Use two scoops of matcha and then froth it with a matcha whisk (chasen).

Watch this video on how to prepare your matcha!

Made of bamboo.
Size: 18 cm * 1 cm
Weight: 10g

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Weight 10 g

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