Eilong glass gong fu teapot


Eilong glass gong fu teapot

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Eilong glass gong fu teapot

Back in 2016 we visited Eilong in Taipei and decided to use this tempered glass teapot in our tea shop.

This is a strong, heat-resistant glass gong fu teapot, equipped with a well-functioning glass strainer.

You can watch tea leaves unfurl and the changing colors of the tea liquor.

It’s full volume is 250 ml, of which you can use approx. 190 ml.

Infuse 5 g tea leaves in this teapot: the leaf – water ratio will be the same as that in a gaiwan, but this teapot is easier to handle for beginners. If you do not like gaiwans, this is a must-have for you.

You can try it at our tea room and shop.

Matching pitchers in 3 sizes:

250 ml
300 ml
400 ml

About Eilong

Eilong manufactures teaware only, since 1987. They have everything for Asian style tea preparation: porcelain, clay and glass tools, cups, bamboo trays, etc.

They keep up with the new trends by manufacturing modern travelling sets for the young and mobile generations.

Meet the beautiful shop of Eilong in this video:

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 11 × 10 cm

Taiwan – Yingge district, New Taipei City

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