Water blue kyusu jug 350 ml

28630 Ft

350 ml clay filter Tokoname pot for everyday tea drinking. We also recommend it for Japanese and Chinese teas.

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Water blue kyusu pot for everyday tea drinking 350 ml

Beautiful aqua blue kyusu pot, which can be used for tea for 1-4 people, recommended for everyday Sencha, Houjicha, Genmaicha or Bancha teas.

It has a clay filter that perfectly filters Japanese tea, but you can also use it for Taiwanese oolongs or white tea. I often use the Japanese TOKONAME teapots for Chinese teas as well. This solution with side handles is practical, it pours beautifully and quickly, and let's not forget that the roots of this can can be traced back to China. 🙂

Origin: Takasuke Pottery, Tokoname, Japan

Canna treatment:

After each use, remove the tea leaves and let the pot dry completely, do not put the lid back on the top of the pot until it is completely dry. Do not clean with washing-up liquid, the easiest way to remove tea stains from use is with baking soda.

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Place of origin

Tokoname - Aichi - Japan