Eilong elegant glass jug 350 ml

21350 Ft

Magically shaped tempered glass teapot 350 ml. A perfect choice for preparing any type of tea. It is not only practical, but also beautiful and sophisticated. My personal favorite, I almost always make tea in it (Dóri 🙂 ).

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Eilong elegant Sveg jug, 350 ml capacity
Eilong elegant glass jug 350 ml 21350 Ft

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Eilong elegant glass jug 350 ml

The borosilicate, tempered glass jug, which is very durable and beautiful. The Taiwanese company Eilong is proud that their quality certificate was issued by the Swiss SGS and recognized the quality of this can.

The built-in glass filter filters the tea leaves really well, the graceful pouring design is eye-catching and also special. You may have seen this form of jug in the Yixing clay jugs, an interesting and slim solution made of glass.

This kettle is suitable for office, home or restaurant use.

You can use this pot for any type of tea.

Capacity: 350 ml, completely filled.
Dimensions: 146 * 114 mm

A short video on how to use the teapot. It's true that I'm currently making black tea in it, but any kind of tea can be made with this device, we just need to find the right amount of tea leaves and the ratio of water. And we help with that.

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Sizes 15 × 12 cm
Place of origin

Taiwan - Yingge