Brown clay gaiwan

5400 Ft

A practical and easy-to-use device suitable for everyday tea drinking, recommended for first gaiwan and for travel, for all types of Chinese tea.

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brown clay gaiwan
Brown clay gaiwan 5400 Ft

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Brown clay gaiwan

Matt dark brown clay on the outside, white porcelain on the inside, everyday gaiwan, practical if you are looking for a kung fu tool for 1-2 people tea-making and want to start on the path of traditional tea making.

Tool for Chinese teas, we recommend for Japanese tea, look around between cans of kyusu.
Japanese tea leaves are much smaller and require faster pouring, so we recommend Japanese tools for these teas.

This brown clay gaiwan has proven itself to all tea lovers and long-time tea drinkers.

Its capacity, filled to the brim, is 100 ml.