Long Jing “Qun Ti Zhong” green tea 2020


Long Jing “Qun Ti Zhong” green tea 2020

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Pre-rain Dragon Well – Long Jing green tea 2020

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Long Jing “Qun Ti Zhong” green tea 2020

The leaf buds were gathered before fully opening, then immediately pan-roasted: first lightly tossed, then firmly pressed and folded against the hot surface of a steel roasting drum. This pan-roasting process gives the tea its unique blade-like appearance.

To accentuate the sweetness of these early harvest leaves, we requested a longer lower temperature roast on the tea, a process that imparts a natural buttery nuttiness to it, similar to a traditional Shifeng style Dragonwell. The end result is a tea perfect for daily indulgence: a hearty toasted aroma, full bodied flavor, and a finish that clings to the palate.

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