ZSXZ old tree Wuyi red tea


ZSXZ old tree Wuyi red tea

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A rare “Zheng shan” harvested from old tea trees, favourite Wuyi red of many of you.
It is from the wild growing tea trees of Tongmu village which makes it complex in taste and strength.

For lovers of red tea and complex aromas it is highly recommended.

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ZSXZ old tree Wuyi red tea

We tasted this tea when we met our tea farmer Mr. Chen again after 3 years. The photos were taken during this tasting. We didn’t talk too much: it was late in the evening and we were merely having tea. 🙂

This is a famous red tea from the Wuyi Mountains, harvested from old tea bushes. The mineral and rocky soil results in a powerful tea with rich taste.

Our tea farmer was proud to present it to us, and we decided with Balázs right there that we need to show it to you too, whatever it takes.

For fans of red tea, and Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong in particular, this tea is very much recommended, as it provides an interesting and memorable experience.

It’s remarkably floral and fruity. I’ve found its floral aroma astonishing, because it is very rare. Its taste gets more intensive and complex by subsequent infusions. Egzotic fruits like lychee accompany us all the way, together with slight cocoa bean notes.

For the preparation of this tea choose water with low mineral content: lower than 300 mg/l should do.

Water temperature: around 90-95 degrees Celsius.

Use 5 gramms of tea in a 130 ml gaiwan. After a brief awakening, infusions of 15-20 seconds will take you on a long tea journey.

Read more about red tea type here.

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