Fujian Yun Wu – green tea 2020


Fujian Yun Wu – green tea 2020

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Fujian Yun Wu green tea

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Fujian Yun Wu – green tea 2020

Cloud & Mist is one of the oldest styles of green tea from Fujian. The locals sometimes call the tea “cai cha” or “vegetable tea”, an endearing, familiar term for a tea that they drink day in and day out.

Each leaf is hand-picked, then roasted with a drum roaster – a more traditional method of green tea crafting that predates the pan firing methods commonly used today. The dry leaves are dark green, each wiry twisted strand only about 2.5 centimeters long. The aroma is slightly floral with an underlying note of roasted macadamia. In water, those strands unwind and turn a creamy green, revealing tender leaves and buds. The infused tea is surprisingly sweet and bright, with a hint of butter and grass.

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Zhenghe – Fujian – China

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