Puer tea selection

Jingmai shu puer

Puer tea selection

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Our puer tea selection is dedicated to those who are eager to discover this tea type extensively. It contains real characters.

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Puer tea selection

This is a pack of 10 kinds of sheng (green) and shu (fermented) puers from various mountains of Yunnan province.

Discover these diverse teas that will help you meet and follow the “path of puers”.

This selection contains real characters: 5 gramms of each tea. 10 * 5 g, in all 50 g of tea will arrive to you.

Don’t forget that 5 g tea can be infused 8-10 times if you wish. Thus it makes a complete tea session for 2-4 persons, lasting for 1-1.5 hours.

We advise that you use a gaiwan (120-130 ml) or a clay pot (ca. 120 ml) for the preparation of 5 g tea.

5 gr – Yue Chen Yue Xiang Dayi
5 gr – Jingmai Shu
5 gr – Lao tongzhi 2014
5 gr – Menghai Yun Ding
5 gr – 2014 Man Tang Hong
5 gr – 2012 Lincangi sheng puerh – “Impression”
5 gr – 2016 Nanzuo Lao Shengtai
5 gr – 2007 Bulang Mountain sheng puer
5 gr – 2008 Nan Jian 912 Organic sheng puer
5 gr – 2018 Yubai Shengtai spring

Important! All teas can be infused 8-10 times. Do not toss it on the compost after one infusion. As you progress with infusions the teas get better: their leaves unfurl gradually and release their precious contents.

Please keep the advised infusion times and water temperature written on the tea package. If you prepare it in a mug or pot (2,5 dl), pour off tea from the leaves after 1-2 minutes. You can repeat this process ca. 3 times. However we advise you to use a gaiwan.

Kung fu ceremony: Use 90-95-100 °C – or only slightly colder – water for shu puers. We start with 90 °C for sheng puers. Infusion times should be 7-20 sec. As you progress with infusions you can have the infusion times longer.

If you have any questions regarding tea preparation we are here to help you with pleasure.

Read more about puer teas here.

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