Long Jing #43 – Dragonwell 2020


Long Jing #43 – Dragonwell 2020

Long Jing #43 – Dragonwell 2020

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Long Jing #43 – Dragonwell 2020

This is our finest Dragonwell. Each leaf was hand-gathered mid-March 2020 from a tea garden located at over 1200 meters above sea level, about an hour’s drive from Pan’an, in central Zhejiang. This tea was picked on the first harvest day of the season.

The family that crafted this tea has been working the land for three generations, using only organic farming methods. Roasting is done in small batches – each batch takes nearly forty-five minutes to roast. Once roasted, the tea is then meticulously sorted so that only small leaf buds remain. Young leaf buds brew a smoother, rounder tea with more aromatics than mature leaves. Our Finest Dragonwell is viscous, creamy to the point of oiliness, sweet, refined and delicious.

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Hangzhou – Zhejiang – Kína

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