Gong Mei 2022

Elegant, light white tea, with floral, apple notes and a refined character. We recommend it to all tea lovers, clean and beautiful tea.

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Gong Mei white tea 2022 spring vintage

Light, floral and refreshing taste, clean and elegant white tea. An excellent refresher for drinking tea every day, it is also suitable for cold steeping. For those who like herbal concoctions, we definitely recommend tasting this Gong Mei white tea.

Reminiscent of summer apples and citrusy peaches, it can be drunk for a long time and contains constantly changing, exciting aromas.

For its preparation, use soft water with a low mineral content. Use a 5-7 ml tea maker for 170-200 grams of tea leaves. It is practical to use a glass, the tea can be seen beautifully in it.

A minimum of 5 dl of tea can be made from 7-7 grams of tea leaves according to Western or Asian tea-making methods. This is how you calculate.

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Zhenghe - Fujian - China