Bai Mu Dan 2017 disc 白牡丹

3850 Ft - 13600 Ft

White tea with a smell and aroma reminiscent of wild flowers, full of buds. Its taste is fruity, with a slightly citrusy character, but due to its more mature age, it has a decidedly sweet, honey character.

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Bai Mu Dan 2017 disc 白牡丹 3850 Ft - 13600 Ft

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Bai Mu Dan 2017 disc 白牡丹

Bai Mu dan (白牡丹) means White Peony.

A type of tea containing both fresh, flaky buds and more mature, greener leaves, with a pleasant taste and floral aroma typical of herbal concoctions.
Juicy, apple-like, slightly sweet tea that can be brewed for a long time, pressed into a disc shape for longer shelf life.

Pressing white teas into disks is not a modern fad, this custom has long prevailed in China. The pressed leaves take up less space, making them suitable for aging, just like Sheng puer teas.

Place of Origin: East Fujian, Zheng He, China, Picked April 2017, 10.

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Taste the Bai Mu Dan from 2013 our tea too. It already has an old jam, a deeper flavor and a stronger energy.

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