Bai Mu Dan 2013 white tea disc

3850 Ft - 13600 Ft

White tea with a smell and aroma reminiscent of wild flowers, full of buds. Its taste is fruity, with a slightly citrusy character, like white teas.

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Bai Mu Dan 2013 white tea disc 3850 Ft - 13600 Ft

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Bai Mu Dan 2013 - White tea disc

Our matured white tea, which is very rich in buds, represents the character of ripe fruits. Mostly apricots and dates. It is a pleasant, well-ripened white tea, just 7 years old (in 2020). Aszu's notes are surprising, we recommend them to people who want to immerse themselves in white teas and explore.

Bai Mu dan (白牡丹) means White Peony. White teas are classified into 4 groups according to their ripeness and picking standard, Bai Mu Dan is the second category.
It comes from the Chen family tea garden located in Zhenghe County, Fujian Province.

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Zhenghe - Fujian - China