Teavolution selection

13900 Ft

Teavolution tea selection package - for tea lovers, explorers or connoisseurs.

6 different teas with preparation instructions.

Teavolution selection 13900 Ft

Are you stuck on how to choose from our teas?

An exciting discovery and introduction tea package, which includes several types of tea for different moods and events.

The small bags contain 15 g of tea per type and the box also contains a description that will help you prepare the teas properly.

You can prepare the teas in the package according to both the Asian "gong fu" and the Western tea-making method, but of course we vote for the first - the end result will simply be better.

You will also need a gaiwan - which you can also find on our site. Or we recommend this compact and "pretty" set. Gong fu set

Content of the Teavolution selection:

Shou Mei 2019 - White tea
Dahongpao - Chinese Wuyi-oolong
Fujian yun wu - Chinese green tea
Dian Hong – black (=red) tea
Amber Gaba - Taiwanese oolong tea
Fa Zhang He - Chinese sheng puer

Use 5 g of tea in one cup of tea! The capacity of the preparation tool should be around 120-150 ml, and the soaking times should be 20-30 seconds. (You can find the water temperatures on the tea bags, as well as the recommended preparation method.)

We trust you to experiment with courage! It is possible that you prefer stronger or softer flavors, so you can choose a different temperature and soaking time accordingly!

It is worth making and tasting it carefully, as well as sharing this experience with others.

View Our YouTube channel also, where you can watch interesting videos about tea growing areas and tea making if you get stuck.

You can also come to our tea shop in person, where we can discuss any questions you might have during the preparation process, and we also organize tasting and educational events, which are worth checking out here. Events

Tea drinking is perfectly complemented by our Japanese incense sticks, which we purchase directly from Kyoto from the Shoyeido company. You can see them here. Japanese incense sticks

An example of the Asian tea making method

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