Iron glazed travel tea set

41970 Ft

A practical tea set with a small bag that can be used for any type of tea. From white to Japanese teas.

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Iron glazed tea set
Iron glazed travel tea set 41970 Ft

Are you stuck on how to choose from our teas?

Iron glazed travel tea set with practical bags from Taiwan, one of our favorite teaware makers.
We have a long history with the company that makes Eilong tea tools, we visited them, where they showed us around their factory, where miracles are made.

I would like to popularize tea drinking among young people, which is why they invented their practical tools, which are also fashionable and very easy to use. The cups have a separate small bag, which can be placed in the can, and by putting the lid on it, you can put it in the bag, which provides a safe place for your device. It can be used everywhere for hiking, trips, in the office or at home on your tea tray.

I took a photo of the device, but I decided to make a video where the proportions and shape can be seen better.
It can be used for any type of tea, even for Japanese teas.

Teapot 150 ml / 5 oz
Cups 65ml / 2 oz 
Teapot 95 x 77 mm
Cup 67 x 38 mm
Tea bag 100 x 90 mm