'Tealife' practical tea making set with bag - Eilong

34900 Ft

My favorite travel tool, a really practical and well-functioning tea maker from Taiwan.

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A practical tea-making tool, which is also a perfect travel companion for office tea drinking and outings.
'Tealife' practical tea making set with bag - Eilong 34900 Ft

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Travel anywhere with this practical tea set, with which you can make tea anywhere and anytime. The device's stainless steel filter complies with EU safety regulations and is easy to keep clean. The whole device is easy to carry.
You can save space by stacking the teapot, lid (filter) and cup, and the practical little bag makes them easy to carry. So you have everything you need to make tea.
The lid is equipped with a 360° spout and a filter, which can be used drip-free.
The travel bag is made of cotton canvas.

Tea maker capacity: 340 ml
Cup capacity: 185 ml
Tea set size: 90 x 106 mm
Carrying bag size:

105 x 110 mm

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Sizes 11 × 10 cm
Place of origin

Taiwan - Yingge