Modern tea maker from Taiwan 'Colourful' - green

18000 Ft

A modern, practical and stylish tea-making tool with a capacity of 400 ml.
Suitable for making any type of tea.
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colorful, modern tea maker that fits perfectly in any bag.
Modern tea maker from Taiwan 'Colourful' - green 18000 Ft

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Modern tea maker from Taiwan 'Colourful' - green

A glass teapot with a modern style and an ideal size is an ideal tool. Made in Taiwan with a youthful appearance and strong borosilicate glass. We have known the Eilong tea accessories company for a very long time. We have already visited them in person in Yingge, they are dedicated with their tools that also target young people. Their goal is that people of all ages can find the ideal tea-making tool. Tea is an important element of Taiwanese culture, and with these modern tools, supplies are also ensured. These tools, which are popular among young people, help with this.
It's easy to place in any backpack, all you need is a pourer and a cup and you can have tea.
Its capacity is 400 ml.

The silicone ring on the side keeps the hands cool and pleasant, and the drip-free, stainless steel lid with an excellent filter effectively filters the tea.

This tea set can be washed in the dishwasher and with detergent as needed.

In summary 🙂 Practical glass tea making tool!
Suitable for preparing and filtering any type of tea.
Thicker than traditional glass teapots.
It has a filter made of 304 stainless steel, which only comes into contact with the finished tea at the moment of filtering.

It was made in the Eilong company's factory in Taiwan, in accordance with the standards of the European Union.

Capacity: 400 ml, completely filled to the top of the pouring part.
Dimensions: 80*155 mm

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Sizes 8 × 16 cm
Place of origin

Taiwan - Yingge