"Cut" Chawan - matcha cup

15500 Ft

Japanese-style rustic matcha cup handmade in Hungary by ceramist Ági Nagy-György. A real wabi-sabi feeling, fantastically silky to the touch, keeps the heat well and it's wonderful to drink matcha from.

Diameter: approx. 12 cm, but minor differences may occur due to manual production, each cup is unique.
Its height is approx. 7-8 cm.

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Handmade matcha cup
"Cut" Chawan - matcha cup 15500 Ft

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"Cut" Chawan - matcha cup

An artistic cup called a chawan, with a rustic design and a touch close to nature, is a wonderful tool for preparing and drinking matcha tea.

Made in Hungary, on a Japanese pattern, by ceramist Ágnes Nagy-György, 100% by hand :-).
We worked together to find an instrument with the perfect shape and glaze.
Clay ceramic, so it is less fragile, and if you feel it is necessary, you can also put it in the dishwasher, but we recommend that you clean it by hand, without chemicals, after every tea.

Diameter: approx. 12 cm, but minor deviations may occur due to manual production.
Each cup is unique. Its height is approx. 7-8 cm.

To prepare matcha tea, froth 2 g of matcha tea using the chasen (bamboo brush) for approx. with 80 degree water. The water is approx. It should be 75-80 ml. You can find a video about making Matcha on our YouTube channel.

You can find our matcha teas from small Japanese producers here: Matcha tea selection

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Sizes 12 × 8 cm