Gyokko shiboridashi 100ml

36300 Ft

Shiboridashi from Tokoname. Its color goes from beautiful brown to black, it is recommended for premium senchas and gyokuro. For tea drinking for 1-2 people. 100 ml.

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shiboridashi Gyokuro teapot
Gyokko shiboridashi 100ml 36300 Ft

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Gyokko shiboridashi 100 ml

Handmade teapot from the Gyokkō kiln.

This shiboridashi is made with great precision, ensuring a beautiful flow without dripping. Given that this is a shiboridashi, it pours out relatively quickly, which is great for both premium sencha and gyokuro.

Yōhen means "changed by flame" in Japanese. When the teapot is fired, the heat fluctuates in the kiln and causes color changes on the surface. This makes each piece unique with an impression of randomness, which has both aesthetic and philosophical appeal to the Japanese.

Place of Origin: Tokoname, Japan

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Sizes 10,7 × 5,3 cm
Place of origin

Tokoname - Aichi - Japan