Eilong glass spout 400 ml

9800 Ft

A tea pourer made of tempered, heat-resistant glass, which is also suitable for recooling water, and it can be used to collect the pours and fill them accurately and neatly into the cups. We have also been using this device in the tea room since the opening, we really like them.
400 ml capacity, arrived from Taiwan.

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eilong spout 400 ml
Eilong glass spout 400 ml 9800 Ft

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Spout made of tempered glass from the Taiwanese company Eilong. It has a capacity of 400 ml when the device is completely full.
It is suitable for recooling water and for collecting successive infusions so that everyone drinks the same delicious tea.
We have been using this type of spout in our tea room since the beginning, and we are very satisfied with it.
It is easy to keep clean and has withstood all the washing up to now. One only broke, but I dropped it on the stone floor from 3 meters.

If you are looking for a smaller spout a 300 ml version, also from Eilong.

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