Brown hohin teapot

35530 Ft

Brown Hohin teapot, ideal for everyday and premium Japanese teas. He came from Tokoname region, Japan.

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Brown Hohin teapot
Brown hohin teapot 35530 Ft

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Brown hohin teapot

A precise and elegant unglazed teapot made in the Tokoname region of Japan. This Hohin teapot is made with high precision, which supports your tea making with beautiful and fast pouring. It is ideal for preparing both everyday and premium Japanese teas.

Essentially, the pot can be used for any type of tea, even for Taiwanese oolong or white tea.

Practical advice:

Do not wash in the dishwasher. After each tea, rinse it with water and let it dry with the lid off. Rinse with hot, clean water before use! Do not use any detergent to clean it. If you do this, your teapot will be your faithful tea companion for many years.

Before first use, rinse with hot water and let it dry completely!

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Sizes 8,3 × 7,5 cm