Bamboo gaiwan - Eilong

21470 Ft

I enjoy using this gaiwan lately. it's easy to hold, it doesn't get hot, it's fantastic to the touch and it's nice to look at.
I typically make oolongs and white tea in it.

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Bamboo gaiwan - Eilong 21470 Ft

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This gaiwan (covered cup), which is typically used for Chinese teas, is beautiful. The tea is made in it, filtered using the lid. It is not completely white, but rather an ecru or eggshell color. Iron powder was sprinkled into the glaze, which resulted in a truly special, antique effect.
The photo can't really convey its beauty.
Tea preparations made from clay have a high iron content. It lends flavor to the cup of drink.
The glaze color formed by the high-temperature oxidation of minerals shows the aesthetics of historical ceramic glazes.
The yellow glaze with black iron spots makes the glaze warmer and more pleasant to the touch.

Capacity, filled to the brim: 200 ml. When in use, the usable capacity is 150-170 ml.
Dimensions: 111 x 101 mm
Material: Glazed ceramic

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Sizes 11,1 × 10 cm
Place of origin

Taiwan - Yingge