Taiwan Ceramic Iron Jug "Chubby" - Eilong

49800 Ft

A natural, simple, but at the same time special texture and design ceramic pot for roasted teas and old whites.

It is from Taiwan.

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Taiwanese teapot with special glaze.
Taiwan Ceramic-Iron Jug "Chubby" - Eilong 49800 Ft

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Taiwan Ceramic Iron Jug "Chubby" - Eilong

Natural, simple, but special textured jug. Metal style design.
Made at extremely high temperatures. Each can is unique, no two are alike.

According to the creators, the mottled texture represents history and time.
The glaze is constantly oxidized and colored during use. The tea and moisture will enrich it and give it a more patina.
The iron content of the jug's glaze creates an interesting effect for the jug with a round handle design.

The pot is suitable for making any type of herbal tea.
We especially recommend it for older white teas, roasted oolong teas (Taiwanese and Wuyi rock oolongs), but you can even make red tea in it.

Do not use washing-up liquid or dishwasher for cleaning. Simply empty the tea leaves, then rinse with warm water and without putting the lid back on, let the pot dry completely until the next use.

Volume: 200 ml
Dimensions: 110 * 130 mm
Material: clay ceramic, iron powder with external glaze

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Sizes 11 × 13 cm
Place of origin

Taiwan - Yingge