Ruby black - spicy Taiwanese red tea

4160 Ft - 15120 Ft

A captivating red tea that comes from the central area of ​​Taiwan - famous for its red teas - near "Sun Moon Lake". Specialists from the Taiwanese Tea Research Institute bred and registered this variety in 1999 (Tres Ruby 18). The marriage was between a large-leaved assamica variety from Burma and a tea plant native to Taiwan. The result was a very spicy tea reminiscent of Indian teas, with a slight camphor, an exotic aroma, a ruby-red color that can be brewed for a long time. It has a unique flavor profile, unlike any other, simply: Ruby. For lovers of "black" tea, it is a must.

Ruby, Taiwanese red tea
Ruby black - spicy Taiwanese red tea 4160 Ft - 15120 Ft

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The cultivation of Taiwanese black tea was started by the Japanese in 1903. The first Assam variety was introduced in 1926 and planted around the hills of Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County. The climate, environment and terroir of this lake were considered to be the most similar to the tea gardens of Assam, India. Today, Sun Moon Lake produces most of Taiwan's black tea. One of the most famous of these is Ruby Black, whose taste is absolutely oriental.

Slightly aniseed, a hint of cinnamon, mint, roasted chestnuts, honey and rose.

The tea leaves are picked at the beginning of May, early in the morning. The leaves were then allowed to soften/wither naturally, then rolled, shaped and allowed to oxidize on covered bamboo trays. The next day they were baked to stop the oxidation process and the tea was dried.

The result is one of the most amazing red teas we've ever tasted. Making Ruby

It is worth using soft water with a low mineral content of around 90-95 degrees.
5 g of tea leaves are needed for approx. For 170 ml of water. Soaking times should be 1 minute. As the pours progress, the temperature of the water and the soaking time may increase.

Tea with a powerful heating effect, which also has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.

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