'Honey' Jin jun mei - bud tea 2023

3900 Ft - 14450 Ft

Particularly valuable bud tea, spring vintage 2023. One of Mrs. Chen's highest-end bud teas.

A soft, refined, honey-scented tea, it reminds us of apricots and fresh acacia honey. Tea is sweet, can be drunk for a long time and holds special moments for us.

Honey Jin Jun Mei
'Honey' Jin jun mei - bud tea 2023 3900 Ft - 14450 Ft

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'Honey' Jin Jun Mei 2023

The Chen family has several small tea gardens in Feng Shui Guang. It is located at the junction of Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province, its highest elevation is more than 1000 meters, shrouded in fog most of the year. The average temperature in summer is 25C. Mild frost is common in the tea garden in winter.

This Honey Jin Jun Mei is made from the Fuyun No.6 variety of tea plant, which is also loved for its fluffy buds that turn into golden threads after processing. It's the earliest batch in Mrs. Chen's family, every year, and it's also the best ingredient for their honey-style Jin jun mei tea.

A sweet, refined, honey-flavored refined red tea that can be brewed for a long time, which is very good on summer afternoons, when it is a little cooler, or in rainy weather. Whether you choose a western tea-making method or a kungfu tea-making style, it behaves well with both.

We recommend that you prepare 4,5 - 5 g of tea leaves in a 100 - 120 ml gaiwan, with short infusions. The temperature of the water should be around 85-90 degrees. Do not wake up the red tea, as the first infusion contains the most vitamins, which are obtained from the inside of the leaves during the long rolling process.

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Mount Wuyi (Zheng yan) - Fujian - China