Wuliang shan Spring 2007

3650 Ft - 14600 Ft

Not an ordinary sheng puer from Wuliang Mountain, made from spring 2007 ingredients. Rich and sweet with a subtle tartness.

2007 Wuliang sheng puer
Wuliang shan Spring 2007 3650 Ft - 14600 Ft

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Wuliang shan Spring 2007

Spring raw material from the ancient tea gardens of Yi Cang village, vintage 2007. Yunnan Province, Wuliang Mountains. Pressed into 357 gram disks.

This tea has been matured in the city of Puer since its production, so it can be said that it has been matured in semi-humid conditions and has complex cut grass and tobacco notes. Full and rich taste, very sweet. It also has a pleasant astringency that coats the sides of the mouth and has a special mouthfeel that can only be found in half-ripened teas. The Huigan (returning sweetness) will be felt and really shows itself after a few pours, and then it will remain throughout the subsequent pours.

This tea disc is proof that Wuliang tea can mature beautifully. It's not the boring kind, you can feel each infusion unique, and the tea can show you a lot during your tea drinking.

Making the tea

To prepare it, use water with a low mineral content, the most ideal is spring water, which has a silky character. The total mineral content should be below 200 mg/liter. Among the tools used, choose Asian-style ones. Each pour is a real experience, it would be a sin not to prepare this tea that way.

For a 150 ml preparation tool, use 5-7 g of tea leaves, which you pour with water at a temperature of 90-95 degrees. Have a quick wake-up call, after which pours are 15-30 seconds. You can increase both the temperature and the soaking time as the pours progress.

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Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan Province, China 2007

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