Mengku Rongshi Mu Ye Chun shu puer

3850 Ft - 15300 Ft

This tea, which can really be poured many times, features roasted chestnut, cocoa and camphor notes, which is our favorite. We almost only drink this in the morning to start our day.

Mengku Rongshi Mu Ye Chun shu puer 3850 Ft - 15300 Ft

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Mengku Rongshi shu puer

Medium fermented, soft, silky, sweet, creamy and thick shu puer tea. After the fourth soaking, the dark chocolate notes begin to come to the fore. Compared to gong ting-style shu puers, its taste and aroma curve rises quite steeply.

The gong ting style is typically a puer tea recipe with many buds, from which fewer infusions can be made, but this does not apply to this tea.

This is a tea that can be poured many times, with notes of roasted chestnuts, cocoa and camphor, we really like it here in the store. A favorite of many.

2016 Vintage tea, pressed into a 400 gr disc.

Making tea

To prepare shu puer, use hot water and a clay pot, which stores the heat longer. It is excellent as a morning wake-up call or study tea, and also an excellent digestive tea after heavier meals.

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