DaYi Yun Ding - shu puer - 2010

4680 Ft - 17000 Ft

A really nicely matured, extremely spicy and long-drinking shu puer tea from 2010.
Nice tea with nut liqueur, oily texture, old taste.
Tea from one of China's most famous tea factories, whose flavor and character were developed according to the needs of a private customer.

A slightly camphorous, really fragrant and spicy puer specialty.

Yun Ding shu puer
DaYi Yun Ding - shu puer - 2010 4680 Ft - 17000 Ft

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DaYi Yun Ding - shu puer - 2010

A rich shu puer tea with an oily texture. Nut liqueur, spicy and tea with good strength that can be brewed for a long time. One of our personal favorites, we have had this tea for a long time. In any case, we also store our shu puer teas carefully so that they do not dry out and mature properly. We store them in a storage box with a separate meter, thus ensuring you the quality as if you bought it in Yunnan.

Be sure to use soft water with a low mineral content for its preparation.
Preferably spring water, but water filtered with a magnesium filter jug ​​can also be used. In any case, we boil the water, then, waiting for the water to be completely silent and not bubbling, we pour the tea and wake him up. This is a very quick event, we immediately pour the water off it.
The first infusion, which you can already drink 🙂 approx. It should be 20-30 seconds, but this is completely up to taste. We can keep this for 4-5 pours, and then we can increase the soaking time.
I recommend that you experiment and find your personal taste when it comes to preparation.

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