Rou Gui 2023

4680 Ft - 17330 Ft

Rou Gui is one of our favorite rock oolong teas. It is also one of the most sought-after varieties in China today, although Mei Zhan is also coming up a lot now. 🙂
It has a floral and spicy character, a buttery caramel aftertaste, full-bodied and pronounced.
It can be brewed for a long time, the raisin and fruity flavors gradually emerge.
It is worth tasting, it will be an unforgettable experience.

oolong tea - rock teas on Wuyi Mountain
Rou Gui 2023 4680 Ft - 17330 Ft

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Rou Gui 2023

A more mineral flavor, a meeting of cloves and other sweet spices, in a pleasantly and tastefully baked tea. Of course, this tea is also prepared in the traditional way of processing and baking, roasted over coals in bamboo baskets.

Whenever we were out on Wuyi, we always came during the harvest season. The harvest period has a fantastic atmosphere, the producers are quite busy at this time, so we don't bother them during the day with our questions, but in the evening and at night we have a long tea and learn from them, not only about tea. 🙂

This Rou Gui and the other rock teas are also picked during this period (around May), and after going through the careful withering, drying, twisting and resting processes, the teas that have undergone the 2nd roasting can be tasted in September of the given year.

It is now available on the market. From December to May of the following year, the producer can decide when to bake for the third time, or later for the fourth time.

Our tea was baked 3 times.

Softly fiery, constantly changing and opening, always showing new tea, we especially recommend it to fans of rock oolong.

Use 95 – 98 C for its preparationosoft water with a total mineral content of a maximum of 200 mg/liter. Use a preheated (150-250 ml) can or gaiwan and approx. 7 grams of tea.

The awakening should be short and quick, then as the pours progress, the time is increased from 10 seconds to 20-30 seconds, and the temperature of the water is also increased.

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Mount Wuyi (Zheng yan) - Fujian - China