Jin Xuan Spring 2024

2695 Ft - 9970 Ft

Thanks to the nature of the variety, it is a Taiwanese oolong with a creamy, creamy aroma, floral and peach character, reminiscent of spring. an aroma-free version known as 'milky oolong'. Spring 2024 picking.

Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
Jin Xuan Spring 2024 2695 Ft - 9970 Ft

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Jin Xuan - 金萱烏龍春茶

Jin Xuan (金萱烏龍春茶), meaning "Golden Lily" in Chinese, is a relatively new type of Taiwanese tea developed by the Taiwan Tea Research Institute in the early 1980s. The variety is the result of nearly four decades of cross-breeding several variants of Taiwanese plants to obtain a tea that differs in character from the traditional Alishan, Lishan and Dong Ding tea plant varieties.

Our Jin Xuan tea comes from a high-altitude garden in Nantou County, Meishan Mountain, Central Taiwan.

The 2024 spring-picked tea has a bright floral character, along with a flow of rich buttercream and peach. Light oolong tea, refreshing and joyful every day.

We met Minhan and his wife back in 2016 and traveled to see them. I remember that the first tea I tasted from them was a Jin Xuan oolong, spring picking. As we got to know this young couple and their teas more and more, we knew for sure that they would be one of the suppliers of our Taiwanese oolongs. The Minhans don't just make oolong, they also make red tea. This year, they made a really special one from the Qing Xin tea plant variant, which turned out to be very fruity and sweet, and flowery at the same time, and they also started processing Gaba tea.

For its preparation, use soft water with a low mineral content. The amount of tea should be 6-7 grams for a 150-200 ml device. Start the water temperature at 85-90 degrees and you can raise it continuously. The duration of the first pouring should be 1 minute.

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