'Fushou' - high mountain rarity

3480 Ft - 12630 Ft

This oolong is a real masterpiece that should be celebrated on the altar of culinary experiences.

It is important to choose the right water for this tea. It is important that the water contains all minerals, the ratio is 200-300 mg/l.
Water with too little mineral content will not show the true nature of the tea. 🙂

'Fushou' - high mountain rarity 3480 Ft - 12630 Ft

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'Fushou' - high mountain rare oolong

At an altitude of nearly 2600 meters, the Fu Shou mountain, shrouded in fog, cradles the tea plants, which enriches them with special flavor notes.
They are caressed by the strong morning sun and covered by afternoon fogs and clouds.
This is an amazingly rich and refined tea, whose balanced and intense character will surely make you smile.
Fascinated by interesting notes of sugar cane and cream, it is a tea that can be drunk for a long time.
This also belongs to the category of green oolong teas.
In the next sip, tropical floral notes unfold, reminiscent of pineapple and fresh maradou.
And the end of the tea is simply unforgettable. That moment lasts a long time even after drinking tea.

Preparation of 'Fushou' oolong tea

This oolong is a real masterpiece that should be celebrated on the altar of culinary experiences. Making it is almost easy. If your heart longs for even sweeter and richer flavors, let the water temperature drop, while the cooking time is extended. 85 degrees and soaking for 3-4 minutes.
But if you prefer lighter and fresher flavors, feel free to raise the temperature of the water and shorten the cooking time a little.

Each sip holds new experiences, we hope you will like it.

We met Minhan and his wife back in 2016 and traveled to see them. I remember that the first tea I tasted from them was a Jin Xuan oolong, spring picking. As we got to know this young couple and their teas more and more, we knew for sure that they would be the supplier of our Taiwanese oolongs. The Minhans don't just make oolong, they also make red tea.

MinHan's family has a small tea garden on Lishan - Fu Shou Shan, where this tea comes from.

For its preparation, use soft water with a low mineral content. The amount of tea should be 6-7 grams for a 150-200 ml device. Start the water temperature at 85-90 degrees and you can raise it continuously. The duration of the first pouring should be 1-1,5 minutes. Hotter water is also fantastic for this tea, high mountain tea, it will handle it and it will demand it.

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Meishan, Taiwan

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