Rose Oolong - Taiwan

2320 Ft - 8430 Ft

Pleasantly floral, rosy, fresh, everyday oolong tea, so it's a very nice drink when the good weather is approaching. Easy to prepare, it is also an ideal choice for beginners.

Rose Oolong - Taiwan 2320 Ft - 8430 Ft

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Rose Oolong - Taiwan

In spring, we always look forward to seeing nature blossom. In Taiwan, dried flowers are sometimes added to tea. Rose buds or osmanthus petals.
And in Japan, Sakura petals. It's not from the devil, you just have to find the right tea for mixing.

The basis of this tea is a "forever spring" (how surprising 🙂 ) Oolong, which is a tea grown at a lower altitude, extremely light and with very floral notes in itself.

Use soft water with a low mineral content to prepare it. Nice water. The temperature should be around 85-90 degrees and start with 30-40 second infusions, which can be increased to 1 minute or even more as you progress in tea making.

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