Mei Zhan 梅占

4250 Ft - 15650 Ft

Mei Zhan rock oolong has a very special, distinct dried cherry and prune aroma.
Floral and fruity at the same time, it is a must-have tea for rock oolong lovers or acquaintances.

Mei Zhan Rock Oolong, special tea from Wuyi Mountain.
Mei Zhan 梅占 4250 Ft - 15650 Ft

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Mei Zhan

Oolong is typically made from the Mei Zhan tea plant variety in Anxi province. In the Wuyi Mountains, the rock has become very popular among oolong enthusiasts in modern times. Softer roasted rock teas are very popular in China, it is no longer fashionable to drink incredibly strong roasted rock oolong.

Fortunately, this is also due to the fact that tea tastes and the circle of tea connoisseurs are also changing in China, they have more and more sophisticated tastes and understand good teas.

Mei Zhan's uniquely long leaves offer a bold flavor and room-filling aroma. We have determined, after much tasting, that it is somewhere between Rou Gui and Huang Mei Gui in terms of character, strength and taste.

Mei zhan is usually full of fruity flavors and a stronger, salty base note. This may sound strange, obviously the tea is not salty 🙂 but rather food-like, aromatic.
Notes of prunes can also be discovered in it.
The Chen family amplifies the fruity aromas with their expert roasting over charcoal, a process that lasts all night.

The tea evokes the atmosphere of prunes and bright mandarin, and we can only guess the latter character. I'd say hibiscus rose florals, cloves and soft cinnamon, with a deep, softly baked caramel character.

Making Mei Zhan

To prepare Mei Zhan oolong tea, use soft water with a low mineral content, or, if possible, fine spring water. The content of all dissolved minerals in the water should not exceed 200 mg/l. If you can only use tap water at home, be sure to use a water filter jug, which removes the inappropriate chlorine taste from the water. If the filter insert adds magnesium, the water will be even better, it will be finer.

Use 7 g of tea leaves for 150-170 ml of water, then after a quick wake-up, with 10-20 second infusions, it can be brewed for a long time, but I recommend that you definitely experiment with it.

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