Mi Lan Xiang on Elderly Plants 2023 老枞蜜兰香

6390 Ft - 23680 Ft

Incredibly exotic, fragrant, honeyed and fruity tea.
It cannot be compared to anything else, a real rarity and speciality. It's hard to talk about it, you have to taste it, let the tea do the talking.
You will have an incredible experience, it has a wonderful effect on body and spirit.

Mi Lan Xiang on Elderly Plants 2023 老枞蜜兰香 6390 Ft - 23680 Ft

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Old bushed (lao cong) Mi Lan Xiang 2023 老枞蜜兰香 – Honey – orchid dancong oolong tea

The tea was harvested from nearly 100-year-old tea bushes on April 2023, 1.
Li Zhi Ping village approx. It lies at an altitude of 1200 meters, where tea bushes can grow under ideal conditions. The constant filtered sunlight and steam and the rocky soil produce exceptional teas.

It is a traditionally roasted tea, it takes place over Lichi charcoal, at a low temperature, but for a longer time. According to the producer, it was cooked medium. This roasting allows the sweet, biscuity, cake notes of the tea to be intense, along with the exotic flowers.

The processing level of the tea leaves is in the ideal range, which means that approx. 30% of the leaf is reddish-burgundy - oxidized, and 70% has a greenish tint.
Dancong oolong teas have this level of oxidation.
No matter how long we steep this tea, it will never become bitter thanks to the excellent ingredients.

An extremely rich tea with a honeyed, sweet, pleasantly tart, complex, exotic floral aroma, with a recurring "shan yun 山韵" character that only outstanding dancong oolongs possess.
It is similar to the character "yan yun" used in wuyi oolongs, translated as a rhyme for "energy", the flavor profile of the place of origin appearing in the tea is called this.

The power of the old plant is very outstanding in this tea, so I recommend it if you are a fan of dancong oolongs or if you are looking for some really special tea, you should definitely try it and save it for the future.
As the months and years pass, this tea will become more and more honeyed and full-bodied.

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Li zi Ping 李仔坪 Village - Phoenix Mountains - Guangdong Province, China