Matcha Okunoyama

19400 Ft - 34700 Ft

Rare and very special Matcha tea, from the tea garden that was the first in Japan where tea was planted. The tea plant variety is also special, named after the tea garden, Okunoyama. In a 20 gr box, packed in Japan, refrigerated.

Okunoyama matcha tea
Matcha Okunoyama 19400 Ft - 34700 Ft

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Matcha Okunoyama

Oku no Yama Matcha tea is an even and perfect blend of tart, sweet and slightly bitter flavors. When consumed in the form of Usucha (thin or diluted tea), it is a harmoniously refined tea without extremes. If you make it in the form of koicha (thick tea), you will have a stronger and more pronounced taste, with a definitely full-bodied tea. It opens with tart and fresh aromas, but is followed by a sly and sudden sweetness and finishes refreshingly and long. In order to develop the most refined taste of this tea as best as possible, we must pay attention to the temperature of the water: too low a temperature upsets the delicate balance of the tea's taste. In general, it can be said that Shichimeien Matcha teas are best served in warmer water. By warmer, I mean temperatures around 80 degrees. 🙂

Available in a 20-gram metal box, stored refrigerated.

It is interesting that in a small part of the Okunoyama tea garden there is a 400-year-old tea plant, the real and original type of "Okunoyama". Those tea plants that are rooted deep in the ground can be said to have eternal life. Although delicious tea can only be harvested from a plant that is about 100 years old, the Horii family cherishes this old plant with love and care, as they do the others, because its existence is an important reminder of the deep connection between tea and the earth.

Horii Shichimeien is a traditional tea-making company with a long history in Uji, near Kyoto. We were able to meet them in person in 2019. It is one of the few places in the area that has its own tea garden in the hinterland of Uji. The family's tea garden was classified as one of the seven famous gardens by Shogun Ashikaga back in the Muromachi period (under the name Uji Shichimeien). In addition, they invented the so-called 'tencha ro', the tencha drying oven which or similar is still used by all matcha processors today.

Today, the family calls it "Okunoyama" garden and it is located on a small hill near the famous Byōdōin Temple. It was a surprise for us that we found this tea garden just at the end of the street from our modest little accommodation, without even suspecting that this was the garden at first. 🙂
For the past 600 years, the family has continued to grow and process teas. They carry out the entire process of tea production, from picking to processing, drying and grinding, all by themselves. The granite mills rustle softly in the dark in their incredible matcha-grinding place.
The family's tea shop is located right in front of the Agata Shinto shrine, hiding almost unnoticed in this small street.

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Store airtight and in the refrigerator.

Before making it, it is good if the tea powder warms up to room temperature, so take it out of the fridge half an hour before consumption. The freshest flavors emerge from the tea within 1 month after opening the box.

Use water with a low mineral content for preparation, mineral content below 100 mg/l. Commercially available water that is good for making matcha: Norda, Volvic, Nestlé Vera or BWT's magnesium filter insert.

This is the Shichimeien family's tea with a balance of sweet and sour flavors.

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How do you make it?

Usucha (薄茶), i.e. preparation of thin tea:

Amount of tea powder: 2 gr (≈ 2 kk) 2 chashaku(matcha spoon) quantity
Amount of water - temperature: 60 - 90 ml, 80 °C
Mix and froth matcha brush (chasen) with the help of

Balázs made a video on how to make Matcha tea at home step by step.

A few photos of the Shichimeien family on our Facebook page.

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