Horaisan culinary matcha tea powder 100 g

14290 Ft

Matcha from Japan (Kyoto region). It makes desserts and drinks special with its beautiful green color and exceptional green tea aroma.
It can be added to lattes, tea cocktails, cakes, creams or ice creams.
A matcha is one of the few natural and healthy ingredients that can be used to give our desserts a natural green color.

100 gr package, packed in Japan, in an aroma-sealing bag.

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Horaisan culinary matcha tea powder 100 g 14290 Ft

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Houraisan culinary matcha tea powder 100 g

For making drinks, cakes, creams, for kitchen use and for making milk drinks and lattes.
100 gr package, packed in Japan, stored in a refrigerator.

Good matcha comes from Japan, from shaded tea plantations, undergoes gentle and clean processing, and its origin can be traced. ("not all matcha is green powder...")

The tea leaves grown for matcha for kitchen use are picked after 2-3 weeks of shading and then transported to the processing place. (The chlorophyll, amino acid and polyphenol content of the tea leaves begins to increase as a result of shading. This is why it has such a beautiful, emerald green color.) "tencha" is the tea leaf that has already been processed and selected. This is ground in the stone mills only when the matcha order arrives.
Culinary matcha powder is ground differently than ceremonial teas. While in the case of ceremony teas, 40 g of powder are ground in 1 hour by slow-rotating mills, while in the case of tea powders intended for kitchen use, several kg of tea leaves are ground into powder.

Matcha latte recipe

Pour 50-60 ml of 60 ˚C water 1,5 gram. tea powder. Mix until it is lump-free and foamy with the appropriate bamboo brush. (In order to avoid lumps, you can first make a paste of the tea powder with a little cold water, then pour the rest of the water over it) Then add frothed milk, which you can use both hot and cold. Add milk to the 250-300 ml drink as desired. (we recommend vegetable milk)

Cakesift it into the flour. Use 8-5 grams of tea powder for an 8-slice cake. Note that the color of the finished cookie will not be bright green, as the color of the tea will change and brown a little as a result of baking. It will be browner the longer you bake it or at a higher temperature.

Creamsit can also be mixed in and used to make lemonade and tea cocktails. (matcha tonic; matcha mojito, etc.)

Our tea does not contain any coloring, preservatives or other additives.
After opening, close it carefully and store it in the refrigerator!
It is useful to sift through a filter before use.

Our detailed informative article about matcha tea can be read here. What is matcha?

100 gr package, in an aroma-sealing bag, packed and refrigerated in Japan.

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